Licensee Program

The Summer Classics lifestyle
Business Opportunity

Become A Licensee

SC Home is a vibrant addition to life for people who

  • Are fascinated with design
  • Are skilled business managers
  • Radiate luxurious taste
  • Seek exceptional lifestyle and financial returns

The SC Home Purpose

What SC Home Stands for

  • 40 year legacy
  • Exclusive designs and fabrics
  • Stunning retail merchandising
  • Support for business success
  • Benchmark luxury brands

The SC Home Licensee

SC Home is a license agreement, not a franchise

  • No upfront fees or royalties
  • Preferred Pricing and Margins
  • Continuous coaching and support
  • Your commitment: run your business in the way we’ve made ours successful

The SC Home Decision

our investment in you begins the day we meet

  • Screening for attributes of success in our business
  • Visiting our corporate office (two days, our expense) to:
    • Confirm the fit
    • Experience our culture and team
    • Meet our designers and products
    • Review our documents
    • Draft a financial concept
    • Decide whether to proceed

Next Steps

Together, we begin establishing your business

  • Refine your financial projections
  • Develop your staffing model
  • Find and secure your location
  • Install and train on business tools and methods
  • Coordinate your marketing plan and grand opening

Ongoing Support

Once underway, you can expect

  • Personal monthly reviews of your financial results
  • Frequent visits from your coach
  • Access to peer network
  • Invitations to Summer Classics & Gabby and events
  • Access to proven digital, print and TV marketing initiatives
  • Comprehensive support with business topics such as local marketing, merchandising, personnel, systems, financial management, input in product design

Is SC Home a fit for you?

The SC Home license isn’t for everyone. But for the select few it is, SC Home can be the path to an exhilarating and deeply rewarding future. Contact us or fill out an application on our website to begin the process.

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