Cleaning Teak: The Professionals Guide


Caring, Maintaining, & Cleaning Teak

Complete with gorgeous grains and rich color, teak furniture is one of Summer Classics most popular items. The elegant warmth of the wood brings out the natural beauty of your well-kept yard.

Whileour teak furnitureis guaranteed to be the best quality, it’s important to follow our guide for protecting, maintaining, and cleaning teak in order to ensure its long and beautiful life. Follow the steps given below, and your teak is sure to shine through all of life’s seasons.

All About Cleaning Teak!

At Summer Classics we recognize the natural beauty of teak wood. Due to its high-quality center cut, and natural oils, teak will age gracefully without the help of cleaners and protectors.Over time the teak will begin to develop a silver/gray patina, which we think is inherently beautiful; however, if you do not want your teak to morph into this naturally beautiful state, there are many teak cleaners and protectors for your use.Summer Classics offers its own teak cleaners available in anySummer Classics furniture dealerorSC Home Store.

Follow along as show you the do’s and don’ts of cleaning teak!

Natural Teak Furniture Care:

Because this is a natural material, the original appearance and maturing of color will be unique to each item and when exposed to the elements, will begin to grey or silver over time, caused by the loss of natural oils in the wood.And at Summer Classics we recognize the need for you to maintain teak in the finish that you prefer; therefore, we developed 3 product offerings that will provide the highest quality look and finish for premium grade teak.

Summer Classics Teak Protector Product

  1. Teak Protector:Our teak protector can be used tomaintain the original, honey brown color of Natural Teak for a longer time.This actually lasts 4 times longer than applied with teak oil and 2 times longer than applied with teak sealer. It should be used as soon as the product starts to grey and should be applied at least once a year depending on the environment in which you live. It also is resistant to mold and prevents black spots from forming on teak.
    Summer Classics Teak Cleaner Product
  2. Teak Cleaner:For cleaning teak and brighten your Natural teak, use our teak cleaner. If you prefer the color of new, golden honey teak, use this product first to restore the color, then apply the Teak Protector immediately after drying to preserve the natural teak color. However, if you prefer your Natural teak to continue weathering over time, there is no need to apply the teak protector afterward as the teak wood will continue to grey and age when exposed to the outdoors.
    * NOTE: If you apply this on Oyster teak, it will remove the finish and show the young raw teak underneath
    Summer Classics Teak Shield Product
  3. Teak Shield:To make your teak furniture repellent to water and moisture use our teak shield product.This will prevent all kinds of food stains as well including coffee, red wine, olive oil, ketchup, and mustard from penetrating into the teak. This product basically creates a transparent layer on the teak, rejecting moisture, dirt, mold, and mildew. Unlike the teak cleaner and the teak protector, thiscan be applied最后是蚝柚木。新产品在室外使用两周后,再涂抹柚木盾牌或用柚木清洁剂清洁。
    *Note: Apply teak protector before the teak shield. You cannot seal the teak and expect the oil to get in after sealing.

Oyster Teak Furniture Care:

Oyster Teak is natural teak with a hand applied oil-based finish designed to achieve the look of aged teak. Even though this teak is already finished, it still requires cleaning and maintenance over time.Follow these techniques for properly cleaning teak and maintaining Oyster teak.

  • Cleaning Teak清洁柚木时,使用温和的肥皂和软布。粗糙的清洁剂可以去除牡蛎柚木表面的光泽。一定要使用柔软的塑料刷,因为金属刷会刮伤柚木表面。DoNOTuse our Teak Cleaner and Teak Protector on Oyster teak as they will ruin the finish.
  • Teak Shield– Like for Natural Teak, the Teak Shield can be used to prevent water, moisture and food stains from penetrating into the teak. A degree of natural oil in the product is needed before application, so please be sure to allow new products to sit outdoors for two weeks before use.

14 Things to Know about Summer Classics Teak:

  1. All of our teak is sustainably sourced from Indonesia, offering you double the longevity compared to teak sourced from other locations, like Latin America for example.
  2. Summer Classics is able to create slats using carved, pieces from the heartwood of the tree, also known as Grade A or marine-grade teak. To further strengthen each piece, the furniture is joined with mortise and tenon construction using old-world craftsmanship and modern technology to create teak furniture.
  3. The high level of oil and rubber in the teak helps prevent it from rotting, but all natural wood will grey when exposed.
  4. Cleaning teak regularly will help prevent mildew build-up and potential discoloration.
  5. Natural teak can be cleaned with our teak product offerings (learn more above) or with mild soap and water.
  6. 用温和的肥皂和柔软的布来清洗我们完成的(牡蛎)柚木。一定要使用柔软的塑料刷,因为金属刷会划伤柚木的表面和表面。不要使用我们的柚木清洁剂和柚木保护器将留下黄色底色,如果使用。
  7. In high altitude, low-temperature environments teak can develop rough patches. Lightly sand down these areas, but do not use power sanding tools or pressure washing tools as the heat may cause dark marks on the wood and will remove the finish on oyster teak.
  8. 柚木将进行季节性维护。一旦放在室外,灰尘和污垢会聚集在家具上,久而久之会发霉,可以清洗干净。根据您的环境,清洁需要每3-6个月进行一次。
  9. We recommend that when cleaning teak you do so on a disposable plastic or thick fabric drop cloth. This will prevent you from staining or damaging the surface under the product being cleaned.
  10. Before using our teak furniture care products, you must ensure you have an environment suitable for refinishing as contact may affect grass, plants and some types of flooring or pavement.
  11. Nearly all teak, treated with normal teak oil, will weather in 4-8 months. The drier the climate, the longer it will take to acclimate to its new environment.
  12. Our teak is from a center cut, making it the most expensive and luxe cut available for teak. Due to this, and certain climates, the teak will leak oils that can be green, red, brown or yellow in color during the first 3 to 9 months when it is climatizing, and for several weeks after the application of our Teak Protector, or other types of teak oil. This can stain cushions, and hard surface porches, so be sure to store your cushions during this period of time.
  13. 如果您的柚木暴露在自然环境中出现黑点,请注意这不是有害的黑色霉菌。它们是天然木材霉菌孢子,可以清洗去除。
  14. Summer Classics offers a five-year frame warranty on our teak, but this does not include the natural cracking in the surface of our teak overtime.